Please respect my wishes and do not approach me looking for work, referrals, recommendations, guest posts or free promotion on my blog. All such requests will be denied and the worst ones will be publicly mocked if I’m in a bad mood. Don’t count on me being in a good mood.
Please read this blog and my standard response to people asking for advice before requesting advice. Thank you!
  • Colleagues are welcome to contact me by email on rose(at)lingocode(dot)com.
  • Please only use the email address displayed below and not any others you may find on my professional websites.
  • Please only call me for advice or similar if I’ve asked you to do so. Like you, I’m usually working, already on a call with a client, or enjoying whatever free time remains!

Office:      (+49) 30 120 19670

Mobile:    (+49) 1765 6770 240

E-mail:    rose(at)lingocode(dot)com

Legal name: Rosalyn Newell
Address: Gotlindestraße 61, 10365 Berlin
VAT No.: DE 283476844

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