How and who to help

Today I am inspired by a post by in The League of Extraordinary Translators, where a colleague asked what to say to qualified people who have never translated who have come to

Zombie contracts: Translators beware

Have you ever wondered about those terms you are being asked to sign? Ever seen something that sent you running for the hills? I don’t know about you, but I have. Łukasz Gos-Furmankiewicz calls these “zombie contracts”, and he seems to know a bit about them. So I invited him for an interview to tell us all about them.

Translation isn’t getting cheaper

Everyone seems to be finding new ways to make translation cheaper while at the same time promising good results. Not possible. It's time to tear apart some of the myths of "quality" in the bulk translation market and show that professional translation is most definitely not getting cheaper.

Building the Universal Translator: a translator’s perspective

Science-fiction almost unanimously takes one vision of our future universe for granted: that all peoples shall be able to communicate with one another. The technology enabling this is generally known as the "Universal Translator": enabling interaction, profitable trade agreements, peaceful resolution of conflicts and cross-cultural understanding. The writer discusses how likely such a technology is.

The Ethics of Proofreading

A discussion of the problem of the over-zealous proofreader and why this often backfires, whereas honesty and fairness pays. This is summarised in a set of ethical guidelines for proofreaders.