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Copywriter. Translator for German to English.

I'm Rose Newell.
Copywriter. Translator.
also: Geek. Free-thinker.

Lingocode is my online home.
Take a look around.

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Why people hire me

  • Just like you, I focus on what I do best
    For me, that means I translate technology and finance. I even chose to do an MA in Human Aspects of Information Technology.
  • Your business matters to me
    Conferences, trade fairs, educational events. I work hard to keep my information current.
  • I am a perfectionist
    Bad for me. Great for you. Your translation really will be perfect.
  • My clients love me
    Some clients have been with me five years or more, while new "one-off" translation clients just keep coming back.


Learn more about my services on my business page. Let's see what I can do for you.
English Rose Berlin


Please do not approach me looking for work, referrals or recommendations. I don't outsource or refer/recommend people I do not know in person. All that will happen is you will waste both your time and mine, and I will be annoyed. Please be respectful of my time and refrain from sending such messages.

Rose Newell

Copywriter. Translator for German to English.

Rose Newell

German to English translator

Be understood

Sometimes it's all about
being understood.
You need a translator who understands more than just English and German.
You need a translator who understands your business, your markets, your customers, and most of all, your language.
I understand.
So I can make you understood.