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Tech Tip: Computers for Translators

A guide to various computer options (laptop, powerful desktop, netbook) as well as basic necessities for a translator, based on my own hardware. Also appropriate to many other industries.

The Ethics of Translation Blogging – Plagiarism and SEO

After searching for my post, "The Ethics of Proofreading", on Google, I was surprised to find that someone has 'written' a very similarly titled article, entitled "Proofreading Ethics (Tips to Proofread Translation of Other Linguistics)" [sic.!].

Tech Tip: BlackBerry phones and mobile email

The next in the "Tech Tips" series. Here, learn how a BlackBerry can both give you your life back - so you can get on with other things rather than sitting at your computer, and, if and when required, use your Blackberry to offer a quick response to emergency queries at less usual hours.

Book: The Entrepreneurial Linguist

A brief recommendation / review of an amazing book for freelance translators, or, "Entrepreneurial Linguists", by Judy and Dagmar Jenner.

Tech Tip: Synchronise & back up files online

The first in the "Tech Tips" series, working toward greater efficiency in translation. Here, learn all about how to use an automatic file synchronisation program to avert disaster, cooperate effectively, and keep your vital project files and TMs with you wherever you go.

Another translation blog?

Welcome to a new blog from a young freelance translator. I may not have the "typical translator personality", but let us see what else I have to offer...