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Tech Tip: Computers for Translators

A guide to various computer options (laptop, powerful desktop, netbook) as well as basic necessities for a translator, based on my own hardware. Also appropriate to many other industries.

The Ethics of Translation Blogging – Plagiarism and SEO

After searching for my post, "The Ethics of Proofreading", on Google, I was surprised to find that someone has 'written' a very similarly titled article, entitled "Proofreading Ethics (Tips to Proofread Translation of Other Linguistics)" [sic.!].

Tech Tip: BlackBerry phones and mobile email

The next in the "Tech Tips" series. Here, learn how a BlackBerry can both give you your life back - so you can get on with other things rather than sitting at your computer, and, if and when required, use your Blackberry to offer a quick response to emergency queries at less usual hours.

The Ethics of Proofreading

A discussion of the problem of the over-zealous proofreader and why this often backfires, whereas honesty and fairness pays. This is summarised in a set of ethical guidelines for proofreaders.

Another translation blog?

Welcome to a new blog from a young freelance translator. I may not have the "typical translator personality", but let us see what else I have to offer...