Yes, there are a fair few out there already, and a fair few of outstanding quality such as those that have inspired me to write a blog. Perhaps most things have been covered already…

Or perhaps not.

I wondered, do I have something unique enough to add to the mix? Then I pondered how I was once told by a fellow linguist, “You don’t have the typical translator personality”. Whatever did he mean? Apparently, he said this because I am an extrovert. A joker. I love languages and computers, but I also quite like people (and animals). If I had to choose, I am more of a geek than a bookworm, and more of a joker than a wallflower. Not to say all translators are quiet, introverted types, but that’s certainly the stereotype. If you’re not – brilliant – perhaps you’ll find some solace in this blog. If you are – also brilliant – perhaps this blog will present a different perspective to you.

I mentioned I was a geek, so expect to find some handy tips on software and hardware to help you in the translation business. I’ll also post the odd amusing language or translation related anecdote; I won’t be able to see you laugh, but I’ll smile at the thought of brightening someone’s dreary afternoon.

In case you were wondering, I am British, currently living in Nottingham, UK, and I translate from German to English. I first started translating professionally when I lived in Germany and have since built up a solid base of direct and agency clients. There’s no hiding that I am a relative youngster compared to some of my translation blogging peers, so I guess that is also part of this blog’s ‘unique selling point’: I’m comparatively young and working as a successful freelance translator. Perhaps I’ll have some tips to share that will add a fresh perspective to old quandaries for new and experienced translators alike.

I hope The Translator’s Teacup proves to be a welcome occasional addition to the tea breaks of fellow professional linguists and anyone else with an interest in languages and the translation industry.